Resources for parents and kids during the quarantine

By Kelly Lash, LPC

Our expert in therapy with kids, Kelly Lash, LPC, has put together an amazing list of resources for families with young children to help us through these difficult times!

Shared by the Oregon Association of play therapy:
Helpful Tools and Resources in times of COVID19
…Children’s Mental Health Campaign list of resources for providers, families and communities
…A resource from The National Association for School Psychologists on how to talk to kids and teens about COVID19
…A resource from PBS on how to talk to kids about COVID19
…Informational COVID19 Comic for kids and teens: English Version , Spanish Version
…A resource for caregivers to help calm anxious minds during COVID19
…This article explores how COVID19 is affecting kids’ play

Resources for children and teens from Kelly Lash:
…Audible has free audiobooks for kids and teens:
…Therapeutic books and videos for kids and teens: Sounds True Kids
…A Youtube channel for kids with interactive yoga, relaxation exercises, stories, etc (Ex-“Harry Potter” and “Frozen” yoga videos):
…Educational resources for Parents, including home arts and crafts ideas: Parent Resources
…Quizlet (online quizzes for kids), Bookful, adult education materials, etc. (This may only be free for Verizon wireless customers): Verizon resources

Resources for parents and teens:
…Daoist Five Yin Qigong Set:
…Mindfulness and meditation apps/podcasts: Tara Brach podcast; Headspace; Tapping Solution (EFT “Tapping”); Insight Timer
…Beginner Yoga on Youtube:
…Interesting/light and easy podcast: Ologies with Alie Ward
…A spiritual podcast: A Course In Miracles with Rev. Jennifer Hadley
…Dance: “Dance Church”
…Virtual parenting support groups, classes and resources:
…An uplifting TEDTalk: Elizabeth Gilbert, “It’s OK to feel overwhelmed–here’s what to do next”
…Interview with Kelly Lash on parenting: on YouTube

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