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We’re dedicated to providing counseling services to you through the disruptions caused by the COVID-19 virus. We’ll get through this together. We’ve continued to serve the clients we had been seeing in person before the closures in March, and we’ve taken on many new clients as well who began with us in the teleheath (video) format over the last few months.

Our current procedure: For most cases, all current and new clients see their therapists through telehealth/video format. We are preparing to see clients again in person, in accordance with all state health guidelines; however, for now, we continue to use the video format for all who can be accommodated that way. Please see our procedures for resuming in-person services page for details.

Here is a three-minute video explaining how online therapy works!

If you want to start online therapy with us, via video, then here is our plan:

  1. We need you to sign the Telemental Health Services Informed Consent form, at this link. Alternatively, we have this same form embedded in our own website, here.
  2. Once you’ve signed the consent form, and your counselor has contacted you about your appointment time, then you’ll start or resume services with us online. It really is that simple!
  3. As you prepare for online therapy as a client, here is a really helpful link describing in detail how to prepare for a session in this format.

If you do not have access to the internet, we may be able to set up phone sessions with you, but it is likely that those sessions will not be covered by your insurance as most insurances only cover video sessions. In that case, your counselor will talk to you about the fee for that service. Insurance rules have been changing around telehealth in the last week due to COVID-19 and may continue to change. For now, we have the following insurances have confirmed that they are set to cover telehealth services (with some rules and restrictions):
….Blue Cross Blue Shield/Regence
….Kaiser Permanente
We are currently looking into Aetna and Moda insurances to see if they cover telehealth and under what circumstances. While we can’t guarantee that your insurance will pay for services, we can bill your insurance if you have current coverage. Copays and private pay fees will remain the same unless we notify you otherwise as we get new information from insurances, or if your plan/coverage changes.

We’re all in this together—and we’re going to support you during this transition. This is a stressful time for everyone, but we hold out hope nonetheless that positive things can happen in our lives, even in the midst of a struggle.

With hope,

Susan M. Doak, LPC
Practice Owner
Newberg Counseling & Wellness

Photos: Susan Doak, LPC, in her in-person office and in her online therapy office

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Online Counseling
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