New Clients

Our practice is currently full for individual clients, and we are not able to accept new client immediately. We can place you on our waiting list and call you when we have openings. We will update this page (and others on the website) when we have immediate openings.

Good News! We just hired an online couples therapist!

Greg Douglas, LPC joins our practice with years of experience helping couples to navigate communication problems, affair recovery, high stress, and connection issues. Contact us to set up an appointment at 503-994-8424!

Due to high demand, we are in the process of hiring a therapist who will specialize with teens and adults. We will keep you posted!


Currently, we are seeing most clients online, through the medium of “telehealth”—that is, talking virtually face-to-face through a video conversation with a therapist. For some clients, online therapy will seem perfectly natural, while for others this may be a new way of interacting. Whatever situation you are in, we’re here for you and ready to explore how we can meet your needs during this difficult time.

How do I begin? Contact us and we’ll help get your started!

Photo: Newberg Counseling & Wellness practice owner Susan M. Doak, LPC—in her traditional office and online therapy environment

Looking to make an appointment or contact us? Click here to get started

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