Choosing a Therapist

Newberg Counseling & Wellness is a group therapy practice, featuring experienced, licensed specialists working with a wide range of people: children, teens, and adults; addictions, anxiety, and adjustment to new situations; anger management, dealing with stress, relationship struggles, and much more. We’re here for you. Click here to contact us, or click on any of the therapist profiles below to learn more…

Meet the therapist. Susan Doak
Meet the therapist. Joanna Harberts
Meet the therapist. LIsa KnudsenIn addition to the specialities listed here, our therapists see clients across a broad spectrum of concerns and experiences, such as:

-anger management
-academic underperformance
-trauma, PTSD, Complex PTSD
-family counseling
-break ups and divorce
-childhood abuse
-sexual abuse and harassment
-high functioning Autism Spectrum Disorder in teens and adults
-social phobia and social anxiety
-military families
-bi-racial/bi-cultural individual and families
-career/work issues

We invite clients of all backgrounds, ages, races, sexual orientations, genders, and life circumstances to a transformative experience.

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