Procedures for resuming in-person services

May 19, 2021 update: A mask is still required for staff and clients at Newberg Counseling & Wellness despite recent mask mandate changes elsewhere. The recent mask lift does not apply to “health care offices” such as ours. Therefore, we still ask that you wear a mask for in-person appointments. Thank you for your cooperation as we cooperate with the Oregon Health Authority ( you cannot comply with this mask requirement, you will be asked to switch over to a telehealth appointment at a rescheduled time. The procedures listed below are still our current procedures.

The decision to resume in-person counseling services is a joint decision made by the counselor and clients after having a discussion about what in-person services will look like and if the clinical need can be met with online therapy or phone sessions instead. The benefits of in -person sessions should be seen as outweighing the risks of in-persons sessions in the light of having online therapy as an option. As we seek to comply with all appropriate health and social distancing guidelines, we need to follow a strict set of guidelines for all those who come to our office in person:

(1) Before their first appointment in person this summer, each client must sign an informed-consent document acknowledging the risks of in-person services, and informing clients of our policies around mitigating those risks.

(2) Clients should arrive for their appointment 5 minutes early, understanding that we may have to take more time than usual between appointments—we have to screen all clients for health reasons and also disinfect our offices between clients. The screening includes questions about symptoms of COVID 19 and any possible exposure. Clients with symptoms are asked to stay home and reschedule their appointments. Counselors are asked to do the same and undergo the same screening each day that hey appear for work.

(3) Please wait in your vehicle or under the covered area in front of the main office building until our office calls you directly on your mobile phone to invite you up to the office. Unless a client needs direct assistance to access the office, only the client may enter the office, without any additional family or other individuals.

(4) Proceed up the stairs—there is also an elevator—and find Suite 204 on the second floor (one of the first doors on the left as you proceed down the hallway).

(5) The therapist will open the office door for you, and your therapist will be wearing a mask—you’ll be asked to wear a mask, too, if that is safe for you, which we can provide if needed. We’ll ask you to wash or sanitize your hands at our sanitizing station. You’ll notice that we have designated client areas marked out with yellow tape, and within the therapy office you’ll see a six-foot distance marked off between you and the therapist which we require that everyone observe. We ask that everyone observe good coughing/sneezing hygiene.

(6) Our in-office bathroom is open and we are asking that clients wash their hands when they enter the office or that they use provided hand sanitizer. We sanitize the bathroom after every use.

(7) The therapy offices and all common areas will be cleaned and sanitized after each session.

(8) In person services are not safe or optimal for all individuals; therefore, we continue to offer teleheath/video appointments. Some of our staff may themselves be in risk categories that prevent them from seeing clients in person, and can only see clients through telehealth/video.

If you are a current client and interested in resuming in-person counseling services, please speak directly to your counselor about your options.

Thank you for your compliance and patience as we work through this! Contact us with any questions.

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