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Position: Online Couples Therapist, Independent Contractor

Are you a licensed couples therapist looking to make a difference in the world? Are you concerned about the COVID-19 crisis and want the option to work from home, online?

We want to empower you to do what you do best!

Therapist contractors at Newberg Counseling & Wellness right now are averaging 80,000- $100,000/year for 25 client hours per week. (Compare this compensation to large online therapy companies.) We have a strong reputation in the community for high quality care, a steady flow of referrals, and a dynamic team of experienced therapists who are making an impact in our community. Our in-person office is located in Newberg, Oregon and our virtual therapy office serves individuals all over the state of Oregon and beyond. We apply the same personal and caring approach to our online clients as we do in person. We don’t measure success through false productivity standards. Rather, we do the work we feel passionate about, compensate our therapists fairly, and schedule flexibility for vacations, self-care, and the sanity we need to do truly difficult, high-level work. Our work has never been so important. Would like to team up with us?

Newberg Counseling & Wellness, LLC is a small group private practice based in Newberg, Oregon. We are a group of experienced therapists who have a passion for delivering high-quality therapeutic services online and in-person, producing transformation and healing for people from all walks of life.

We’d love to talk more. Email Susan M. Doak, LPC (practice owner) at:

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For those who want to know a few more details up front:

(1) Couples therapy is in high demand as couples attempt to grapple with increasing societal and economic challenges. There is a shortage of couples counseling services in our area of Oregon.

(2) We’ve got you covered for: support, HIPAA-compliant telehealth platform, electronic health record, encrypted email, marketing, all billing, online presence, photo and video support, and assistance with insurance credentialing. That way, you can focus on doing top-notch clinical work.

(3) This is an independent contractor position (take-home pay is roughly 60–65% of gross income) and can be combined with another employment situation. Hours are very flexible and tend to be when couples are available in the evenings and on weekends. You can make a full-time income in 20 hours per week.

(4) We need therapists with a current Oregon license: LPC, MFT, LCSW, or Licensed Psychologist. Therapists with EFT or Gottman Method training will be given special consideration.

(5) We offer training opportunities and supervision for telehealth best practices, and we take special care to meet HIPAA privacy standards.

(6) We value team players who enjoy their work, communicate clearly and frequently, are organized, and know how to have fun.

(7) This is a telehealth/virtual counseling position only. Therefore, our online therapist contractors must have a confidential office space (home or elsewhere), a computer that will support telehealth video sessions, and a strong Wifi connection.

Apply on or contact Susan Doak, LPC at 503-994-8424

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