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Posted 6 September 2018, and effective until further notice

Newberg Counseling & Wellness LLC is a private practice counseling center serving Newberg, Oregon and surrounding areas. Our goal is to positively impact our community by offering experienced support for people in seasons of change, parents, and teens.

We are currently seeking a Private Practice therapist (LPC, LCSW, or Licensed Psychologist) to join our growing team starting in the Fall of 2018. The ideal candidate would provide 18 or more client hours/week, and provide counseling to individuals, groups, families, or couples. Specializations may vary, however we are not currently equipped to support therapy needs for counseling children below the age of 12.

           ➵ Masters or Doctoral Degree in Counseling Psychology, Marriage & Family Therapy, Clinical Psychology, Social Work, or related field of study, as well as Oregon license as a Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC), Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist (LMFT), Licensed Psychologist or Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW). We are not accepting applications from therapists without an Oregon professional license.
          ➵ Relevant, documented experience of excellent work in the counseling field post-degree with teens, couples, families and/or adults.
          ➵ Excellent written and verbal communication in English (bilingual in Spanish or other language is a plus), and ability to work independently yet also as an effective team member.
          ➵ Proficient in use of email and electronic health records (training provided for EHR), as well as strong organizational skills to manage scheduling, fee collection, and care coordination for clients.

Responsibilities and Duties:
         ➵ Offer professional counseling services to adults, teens and/or families with mild to moderate mental health conditions via individual counseling, family counseling, couples’ therapy, and/or group therapy.
          ➵ Maintain professional license in the state of Oregon.
          ➵ Maintain Malpractice Liability Insurance (can start at the time of contract).
          ➵ Conduct individual counseling sessions with scheduled clients using professional counseling standards in accordance with individual treatment plans; document treatment plans, counseling sessions, assessments and interventions according to professional counseling records standards; complete a comprehensive assessment and develop a diagnosis and treatment plan for each client.
          ➵ Submit electronic billing and accept payment through the electronic health record (training provided) in a timely manner.
          ➵ Be professional and courteous in all written and verbal communications with clients, colleagues and other people.
          ➵ Follow legal and professional counseling obligations, such as HIPAA compliance and confidentiality, as well as all federal, state and local legal guidelines, license criteria and applicable Code of Ethics.
          ➵ Maintain professional conduct in step with the brand and mission of the company.

          Compensation is based on the number of clinical hours completed each month, with 65% for the contracted therapist and 35% for Newberg Counseling & Wellness (negotiable once a full caseload is established). Full-time Private Practice counseling is generally considered to be at least 20 face-to-face client hours per week (about 80 per month), with an overall caseload of 30-50 clients. The earning potential depends upon insurances accepted and client load; motivated clinicians working three full days per week on a consistent basis could produce a yearly salary around $50–70K. Building a case load and retaining clients effectively takes time, so a ramping-up period of lower income can be expected in the first year.
          This position is a Contractor Position (1099 form for IRS tax purposes), not an Employee position—benefits are not offered. The contracted therapist chooses the hours in conjunction with office space availability (various times available between Monday through Sunday, 8AM to 8PM).
          Newberg Counseling & Wellness will provide the following for all of its contracted therapists: (1) Shared comfortable office space and waiting area; (2) Access to and training in Electronic Health Record use, fee collection, and general best business practices as needed or desired; (3) office staff support for billing services and new client phone inquiries; (4) all marketing, e.g., photography and video (as needed), profile space on the NC&W website, business cards, profile on (paid for and managed by NC&W), and social media campaigns to introduce therapists to the community; (5) Assistance with the credentialing process with insurance companies; (6) Wifi (in the office), email address, and voicemail.

Potential for You:
          ➵ A positive, supportive, and flexible work environment where all are treated with kindness and respect. Plentiful and free onsite parking in a clean, attractive professional setting. Therapists working in this type of contractor relationship have the freedom to prioritize the face to face work of therapy without having to worry about billing, space, phone intakes, marketing etc. Newberg Counseling & Wellness is now an established, thriving business with (currently) a significant overload of client interest.
          ➵ The freedom to be the clinician that you want to be; developing your personal style as a clinician and having time for self-care and enrichment. You will have the opportunity to create your counseling practice, thriving in your treatment niche and specialty areas as you build your career. You will have the freedom to create and collaborate, to form new groups, workshops, write blog posts for the website, and create meaningful therapeutic content through the NC&W brand. Work hours are flexible, and can include weekends and evening if desired.
          ➵ For those who may be attempting a transition from agency work: Private practice offers a considerably more flexible work environment and allows for specialization in one’s preferred areas of therapy. Moreover, less documentation is required in private practice. Basic documentation is still required, including Assessments, Treatment Plans, and Progress Notes, but not to the degree of agency record keeping. Our electronic health record system makes this process relatively easy.

Interested candidates should submit (1) a cover letter, explaining their experience and interest in the position, and (2) a resume, including all education and work history, to:

Susan M. Doak, LPC (owner of Newberg Counseling & Wellness), at

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