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Kel Lash, LPC

I have been a passionate mental health therapist, hypnotist, and life coach for youth, families and adults for 10 years. Four years ago, I felt called to pursue spiritual coaching after some traumatic relationships and physical health experiences. These intense challenges led me on a deeply healing spiritual journey which completely transformed my self-loathing, intense fear/anxiety/PTSD, victim mentality and hopelessness into deep peace, self-worth and self-love. I also experienced a full physical recovery in ways I never imagined possible when I was sick for so many years. The illness had caused me to become disabled and lose my identity and true sense of purpose. I now fully know that we can heal ourselves from within through the love of a Higher Power, which is really, just Love, our own Love for ourselves. I am so grateful for these experiences because after receiving my own spiritual coaching and healing, and the guidance of the spiritual counseling certification I completed, I have truly found a love for myself and my life again.

Listen to a podcast interview with Kel Lash, here!

I now live with joy, peace, courage, freedom and purpose every day. I continue to learn new ways to love myself and others and to “walk the talk” of love. I have remembered how to live a life following deep inner guidance and knowing (intuition), which has led me to make the highest and best choices for my life and has transformed my life miraculously.

Also on YouTube, check out Kel’s video on “How to Use Nonviolent Communication Tools.”

I am most passionate about working with people who are challenged by physical illness, victim thinking, career challenges, relationship challenges and heartbreak, parenting and teen challenges, crappy childhoods, and LGBT issues. If you identify with any of these challenges, or others, please reach out to me! I integrate somatic work (connecting with the body), inner child work and visualization, and most importantly, my inner guidance, to direct my sessions.

Clients have described me as loving, patient, calm, gentle, compassionate, relatable, inspirational and encouraging. The spiritual coaching sessions and groups I have facilitated over the last four years have given me so much gratitude, joy and healing! I volunteer my time in many ways, one of which I co-facilitate a support group for the Power of Love Ministry, “Love What You Do” to help people find joy and peace in their career or life’s “work,” whatever their “work” may be. I also host A Course in Miracles Radio show called “Real Talk,” I am passionate about working with anyone who is willing and desires to live a life applying any of these Truths, to find joy, peace, and your bliss. In addition, If you are interested in beginning or developing your understanding of “the Course,” I can offer mentoring and direction as a coach.

In my free time I love to hike and camp, take my cats on walks and camping trips, sing, play guitar, listen to music, spend time with friends and family, snack and watch Netflix! In addition to my work as a therapist, hypnotist, life coach and spiritual coach, my interviews have been featured in international summits and I offer workshops and support groups on the web and in Portland, OR. I would be deeply honored to work with you and help you discover the truth about your self. The TRUTH is that you are beautiful, miraculous and perfect, full of only love and light. You can truly heal anything and live the life that you desire, because you DESERVE it. You are meant to be happy.

What is the difference between coaching and counseling?

Coaching requires no mental health diagnosis or insurance

Coaching is outside of the traditional medical model of treatment

Coaching is for highly motivated clients

Coaching tends to be more focused on creating the life you truly desire, working towards aspirations and goals, self-growth and actualization, spiritual growth and exploration, career exploration, etc. 

Coaching is not for people in crisis

Coaching can often feel like a mentoring

Coaches often specialize in specific niches (for example, spiritual coaching)

Coaching can be a very effective and healing supplement/compliment alongside having a therapist at the same time

Coaching is not for people who have had a lot of trauma and have not worked through it yet

*As a licensed therapist, my coaching can be highly effective and unique compared to other coaches—because of my experience and background in trauma and mental health treatment. Many coaches do not have much, or any, formal coaching training or counseling training. 

Ready to get started? Give our office a call at 503-994-8424 or use our contact page to set up a phone consultation with me.

Spiritual coach Kel Lash helps her coaching clients to connect to deeper meaning and joy.
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