“I brought my daughter to Susan in a very very hard time, as we had just moved to a new place and we were struggling with severe anxiety and school problems. Susan was absolutely amazing and she was not afraid of our dysfunction or put off by our many needs. We’re extremely grateful for this service. It was completely worth it, and we moved to a place in our life through Susan’s help where counseling was not needed any longer.”

“My anger was out of control but Susan helped me to calm down and talk to people, like my parents. We now talk to each other in our family instead of fight all the time.”
-Kaitlyn, age 16

“In family counseling we learned how to set appropriate limits for our teenager around cellphone use, and we came up with strategies together for what is appropriate in terms of dealing with friends and conflict at school. Susan’s method was extremely practical. We did things ‘step by step,’ and we are in a totally better place now.”

“I’ve been going to therapy my whole life, and you are the only counselor that has ever understood me or helped me. Thank you!!”

“Susan gave me tools to handle my anxiety so I could return to work and be there for my kids. Not a small thing, and something I didn’t think was possible. I was in the darkest place anyone could go, and she basically saved my life–that’s a little dramatic, but that’s the space I was in.

*Names altered to protect anonymity

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