After you’ve made contact with us by phone or email and have scheduled your first appointment, you may use a secure and confidential form to register important information with your therapist: go to this website (—click on “Find your therapist” at the top/right corner of the page—enter the last name (example, for Susan Doak, “Doak“), select the therapist (example: “Susan M. Doak, LPC”)then Register as a new patient/client.” Proceed through the steps to fill out the information. At the bottom of the form, click “Submit information to [name of therapist].” You’ll have an option to complete another form—select “Complete form now,” and fill in the info requested there—then click “Send this information to [name of therapist].”

For now, we are not allowing appointment scheduling online through the system linked above; please make all appointments directly by phone or email. This online system is not required for clients, but if you are able to complete it, our process together will be helpfully expedited. You will not be asked for payment information on this site, and you are not considered a “client” of of Newberg Counseling & Wellness until you sign consent forms in person.

All other necessary forms and paperwork will be provided to clients directly. Feel free to contact us with any questions!

Susan M. Doak, LPC. Newberg Counseling & Wellness

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