Counseling for Addiction

Are you afraid that you have started to drink too much? Has a partner or loved one confronted you about “overdoing it” with marijuana or pain pills? Drugs and alcohol have been a long time “go to” solution for those needing to cope with trauma, emotional, and relational problems. Beyond drugs and alcohol, people can be addicted to almost anything that gives them pleasure and helps them to escape reality. For example, people may be addicted to food, shopping, sex, pornography, video games, vaping, and smoking cigarettes.

There is hope for those struggling with addictions. If you find that an addiction is taking over your life and hurting those around you, getting help is the first step. It can be hard to make that first phone call to reach out for help because of feelings of shame and guilt. Please know that when you call us, you’ll find a compassionate person on the phone to assist you. For drug and alcohol addiction, you may need more intensive services first, such as detox or a residential program, to stop using and start healthier patterns that support your recovery. (Newberg Counseling & Wellness does not offer residential or detox services; rather, we offer outpatient counseling in a private practice setting for addictions.) Next, it often makes sense to see a certified drug and alcohol counselor in an outpatient setting to help prevent relapse into old addiction habits and to support a more deep and long-term recovery. Counseling can help to re-build healthy and sustainable life habits and can give you insight into the trauma, as well as the emotional and relational issues, that are often the source of addiction.

Lisa Knudsen LPC CADCII (pictured above): Lisa has 25 years of experience working with clients with alcohol abuse and addiction. She also specializes in helping couples that are coping with alcoholism and co-dependency. Her couple’s counseling approach has helped many couples regain their footing and find hope and connection again. Click here to connect with Lisa for individual or couples counseling.

Steve Baker MAC, LPC (pictured above): Steve is a Master Addiction Counselor with over 35 years of clinical experience. He specializes in treating those with those with addictions that occur with other mental health issues such as Major Depressive Disorder, PTSD, Generalized Anxiety Disorder, and Personality disorders. Steve enjoys helping his clients to develop strong healthy habits and new mindsets that propel them into a better future. Click here to connect with Steve for individual counseling.

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